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We offer installation and service of toilets and bidets.


The bidet (pronounced Be-DAY) is an important sanitary fixture which has not been used extensively in this country due to the lack of knowledge of its health protecting features.  For years it has been commonly  used in Europe and all Latin-American countries. Through ignorance of its advantages many regard the bidet as a fixture to be used for birth-control. This is obviously incorrect because plain water douche cannot accomplish this purpose.

The bidet fixture is an appliance designed to maintain for the user a constant state of cleanliness of the private parts. It is made entirely of vitreous china, 14 1/2″ in width and has a height of 15″ from the top of the rim to the floor.

Another important use of the bidet is that of a foot bath.  As it is 15″ high from the floor to the top of the rim, it can be used very comfortably as a foot bath. When the waste plug is closed, the bidet will hold about 3″ of water.  The bidet functions with an integral douche or jet, operated when desired by means of a transfer valve which directs a stream or column of water upward from the bottom of the bowl. The use of a bidet is important to the cleanliness of both men and women after a bowel movement and once acquired, becomes an important part of the sanitary precautions of our daily life. Its importance in the promotion of better health can hardly be overestimated.